Original art jewelry contains the most valuable ingredient of all . . . TIME.

 Every piece of our original art jewelry is a new definition of “bling”.    A machine can produce the mundane “bling” product—what you see is what you get as “they say”.   There may be thousands of “copies”  even though a piece is attractive to the eye.  Copies may provide only fleeting enjoyment but one of a kind provides pride of ownership.     Yes, conventional jewelry can be fashioned by hand with great care from precious or found materials making it unique.  It can also quickly find its way into a dark “safe place” like a jewelry box.

Photo of lovely paper pendant and bead necklace

“Smart Stack” — Stacked Paper Pendant with Paper Beads. Completely hand-made.

 However, hearts and hands produce original art jewelry and each piece carries the most precious element of all—time.    That is time and love. . . . time and fun . . . time and something from within the “secret life of color and form”.   Time cannot be spent twice and so the artist invests the absolute most valuable commodity in existence.    No human being can pay the real value of time,  but ‘given’ within an object,  it is a treasure.

    The“wearable art” Grace and I make is created from art that arose as a therapeutic adventure bringing me, Jacquie, through a time of healing from an attack of  inoperable and hardly treatable cancer.   Though reduced to 80 pounds, on a walker, and extremely low on energy, I was strongly compelled to drag myself into my studio and at least move color onto paper with my favorite brushes . . . . at first for a few minutes, but gradually increasing that precious time to hours.  

      All the while we played anointed worship music into the studio atmosphere, and thusly into my own soul and body.  Quantum physics would suggest there was also an impact on the ‘matter-ials’ we worked with.    This investment of time was spent moving from a very dark place into glorious light—time realizing the blessing of being a “light heir”— not just a humanly conceived idea of “white light” but the real resurrection light of Christ whose obedience, I’ve learned first hand,  provides ALL we need for healing and health.

  I believe our “wearable art” captures the mystery of therapeutic art. Art can hang on a wall and speak to various people who come near to it.   Wearable art pieces go with the owner/collector and allow the wearer  to share the mystery of color, form and,  I believe, real joy with whoever they encounter.  As you wear a piece of this original art jewelry, you can participate in a wonderful healing dynamic and spark encouraging conversations or simply just make someone else smile and wonder.   In any case, you will carry a segment of a very healing time.

    Grace, my only granddaughter and eldest grandchild, has spent countless hours in the studio with me participating in the creation of our “wearable art”.  Her creativity and faith have added an indescribable substance to our pieces.

We intend for each piece to carry hope.  Both science and God’s Word teach us the importance of such intent.