Folks often ask about our the process  for making our original art pendants and earrings.  Please watch our very short video of the main steps we take in making our stacked paper pendants.   As we construct the pieces, we are careful to make precision cuts and smooth the layered edges before sealing.

We use acrylic sealant that is actually labeled “upper rack dishwasher safe”.  However, we do NOT recommend testing that claim.  On the other hand our pieces should surely stand up to a short rain shower. (We have spontaneously tested that at outdoor craft shows.)   We use an acrylic medium to  laminate the paper layers as well as  a clear sealant.  We do not rush the process because we are making original art pieces and our clients and collectors deserve the best.

The video is also posted on our Light Heir Art Youtube channel.   Stay tuned as we will add more comprehensive videos in the near future.